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25 April 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Novelties in Novels and other things  

In an astounding and if-precedented-I-don't-remember Renaissance, I have discovered two new joys, not only nonrelated but in close propinquity (the same day no less) to each other. The pulchritudinous Pandora, a dulcet and dark delight of a deity whose dusty old box seems to have been cleared out and filled anew with symphonic splendor, provides me with such sumptuous stations as Bach, Vivaldi, and *drool* Philip Glass. The second discovery is that of a desire or ability to read classical literature. I now await good examples with which to feed this not-quite-nascent hunger. This is a robbery- GIVE ME ALL YOUR BOOKS!!! (spoken to the modernistic beat of classical compositions)

Let us begin a New Age, a redivivus of Renaissance through Pandora's music box and history's imagination, imagery and metaphor. Come Prometheus and let burn the luciferous fires to illuminate the literary luminaries of all eras.

And on that antiquated anachronism of a note I bid adieu to my solely sorroral audience, and a very fond farewell.

umbraticoumbratico on May 23rd, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
That is an excellent method. I tend to select from data files whatever songs my present mood dictates are good and set the player to repeat. If I'm writing I tend not to notice the music, but it facilitates the process and makes for enjoyable breaks. (Unfortunately this only works when one is in the mood for only one sort of song. I find I have to at least keep the transitions from one style to another small and even then, I often forget that the begining follows the end. With rather jaring results.)

I have several CD's of Philip Glass, among them "The Illusionist". Always a pleasure to listen to :)